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S-EM-C is an up and coming female rapper currently making big waves in the world of hip-hop. Armed with a fierce attitude and hard, yet melodic bars, she has a signature sound that is impossible to ignore and uniquely hers. Blending infectious hooks with no-nonsense rap lyrics, it’s easy to see why the rising star has already accumulated over 750’000 streams online so early in her career. She has been releasing music since highschool and to date, has released five mixtapes, with two EP’s currently in the works.


As a teen, the young artist learned the life lessons of resilience, confidence and hustle early on. Due to her father's career, the family moved around a lot and she turned to music as a way of dealing with the constant uncertainty. She began writing at age eleven, was recording her tracks by fifteen then releasing her own mixtapes on Myspace the following year.


The mixtape ‘No Time Left’ received a hugely positive response and began S-EM-C on an upwards trajectory that doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon. A devout hustler, much of this material has been self-released, noting she is inspired by music moguls like Jay Z and Two Chainz. With her musical inspirations being artists such as J.Cole , Mac Miller and Missy Elliot, just to name a few.


The rapper currently has the EP ‘Here’ which has been released on her own label and creative firm ‘ADHDTV in association with The Orchard. This will be her second studio EP and will act as a sort of statement of ‘arrival’ for the rapper. Noting that it will be more focused on fun and delivering the message, rather than lyrical prowess. The high energy eight track EP, is an attitude-driven, yet optimistic journey for its listeners, which works to channel S-EM-C’s positive message to the world. A passionate philanthropist, she primarily spreads a message of love, patience and understanding - with an attitude that inspires people to be their best selves. With such a unique combination of things to make her stand out,

S-EM-C is a name you are going to be seeing a lot more of in the hip-hop world sooner than later.



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